Linux International Red Hat Software

If your company is interested in becoming a corporate sponsor please contact Terry Tomlinson at (919)547-0028.

There are several ways your company can get involved as a sponsor of the 1998 show.

Logo Enhancements

You can get your logo on the Linux Expo web site and in our show program for just $50.00.


This year we are offering ads in our show program as well in the conference proceedings.



  • Full page, b/w - $400
  • 1/2 page, b/w - $250
  • 1/4 page, b/w - $125

  • Front/back inside cover, two color - $350
  • Full page, b/w - $175


As we all know, there are lots of bright Linux students out there who certainly need to be present at this important conference, but who, for whatever reason, may not have the resources to attend. So, we've created a new opportunity this year to ensure attendance by these talented, Linux-knowledgable students.

The Linux Expo Geek Scholarship includes one full admission per winner to attend all three days of the conference which is a $99 value for students. Applicants will submit a paragraph describing their contributions/work with Linux. They must be full-time students and be able to provide a valid id through fax. The deadline for entries is April 1 and all winners will be announced on May 15.

Make a difference in a young Linux student's life. You never know, he/she may be your next developer/technical support rep/webmaster! If your company is interested in providing a scholarship for one or more students, contact Terry Tomlinson at 919-547-0028 or send an email to Exhibitors and Corporate Sponsors may provide up to 5 scholarships each.

Scholarship Sponsors and winners will be posted on the Linux Expo web site.